Are you tired of creating reports nobody wants to read?

I was. Today I am a professional report designer but two decades ago I started my career as a social science researcher and program evaluator.

I know from experience that we can report better. I built Action Club to show you how.

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"The best thing about this group is meeting other people with a similar interest in using data for quality improvement but with expertise and insight from different fields!"

Joanna Prout, PhD

Psychologist and Evaluator

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Action Club?

Action Club is a one-stop, value-packed growth program designed to give all the tools, support, and inspiration you need to start designing your own professional quality modern reports, data dashboards, presentations, and infographics.

What's included?

The three signature pillars of this growth program are:

• Weekly “Ask Me Anything” Sessions with Chris & your peers (for feedback, accountability, commiseration, etc.). We take occasional breaks but you can expect at least 40 drop-in group coaching sessions a year (at least 10 each quarter).

• Ongoing accountability with email check-ins from Chris. Every participant's goals are different. I am a hands-on coach who will regularly reach out to you directly to provide targeted resources and encouragement.

• 24/7 Access to the DiY Data Design Vault - Chris' toolbox of trainings, templates, resources, courses, and more - available on-demand for as long as you’re enrolled in the club.

How can I join? How long is the program?

Join anytime! We have annual, bi-annual, or quarterly options available, depending on your desired needs/goals and training budget. It’s self-paced and self-driven - so you decide how long you want to stay in the Action Club.

Keep in mind that the enrollment is set to auto-renew by default, but you can cancel and retain access until your current subscription expires. If you have any issues just reach out ([email protected]).

Is this a membership/community?

The Action Club meets weekly providing a regular opportunity to connect with other like-minded researchers, evaluators, and data analysts.

This noted, aside from these Zoom-hosted sessions, there is NO ongoing community (Facebook or otherwise).

We tried for a couple of years, but most of the participants are busy professionals without the time to actively participate in a community forum. So we have discontinued this feature and have no plans to bring it back.

What resources are available On Demand?

I am currently cataloguing my entire resource collection, which will be made available at

Some highlights:

• A collection of easy to follow data design tutorials and templates.

• Self-Paced Course Collection, including Canva Jumpstart, 1.2.3. Report, Micrographics, and more.

• A large recording archive featuring past workshop recordings and live presentations.

• I even include my collection of thousands of data cartoons drawn over the last decade. Which participants can use royalty-free.

PLUS you get on-demand, 24/7 access to everything in the Vault for as long as you’re enrolled in the club!

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. I offer two different scholarships. Just reach out and ask for the code [email protected]. No explanation for why you need one is necessary.

They are intended for students, non-profits, unemployed, BIPOC, developing countries, and anyone who would like to join the workshop but cannot afford full registration costs.

All that said, if you can afford the full registration cost, please do. As an indy business person with no outside funding, it helps a lot!.

"Very much enjoying our creative reporting workshop with Chris.

He has gone the extra length to help me with an annual report and gave feedback on an article I wrote. Our weekly sessions are informative and practical and helping me moving forward in my data and design journey! "

Mareli Claassens, PhD

Professor and Evaluator

"These are the first steps and I’m sure I will get better at information design as I practice and get feedback. However, even this was enough to get asked to teach this internally next year.

After I showed a few examples to a friend from my university who also runs a small consultancy that provides services mostly to government agencies he invited me to teach this to his staff (which I’ll get paid for). I seriously didn’t expect that when I started learning how to make writing/data easier to read."

Celestyna Galicki, PhD

Strategy and Insights Lead

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1. 2. 3. Report! is a simple audience-centered strategy designed to make your life as a report creator easier. This course is short but the strategy is at the heart of all of my professional design work.