1. Boost Your Career

I'll teach you skills you won't learn in any Masters or PhD program. These skills will give you a competitive edge in the modern data workplace.

2. Amplify Your Impact

Learning design is the best way to help your work get into the hands of more people who could benefit. Underreported data is wasted data.

3. Prove Your Authority

Bad design makes good data people look like amateurs. Even though data is what we do, design is what they see.

Meet your instructor.

Hi, I'm Chris Lysy.

Over the last 15 years I have taught thousands of researchers and evaluators how to design and create through my presentations, webinars, workshops, and blog posts.

My core belief. You don't need to be super tech savvy or a creative virtuoso to design professional quality work. You just need to learn some basic strategies and put in a little bit of effort.

My promise to you. I'll do everything I can to help make the learning process as easy, and fun, as possible.

I look forward to working with you.

- Chris

DiY Data Design Learning Goals

Break Bad Design Habits

If you're like most professional researchers and evaluators, you've developed some bad design habits. If you want to improve your skills, we need to break those habits.

Master the Fundamentals

By mastering a few fundamental design techniques and learning the process behind a set of core data products, you'll already have an edge over most of your colleagues.

Continuous Improvement

We can build core competencies quickly, but true expertise takes time and practice. I'll help you develop and implement a personal continuous improvement action plan.

"The best thing about this group is meeting other people with a similar interest in using data for quality improvement but with expertise and insight from different fields!"

Joanna Prout, PhD

Psychologist and Evaluator

"Very much enjoying our creative reporting workshop with Chris.

He has gone the extra length to help me with an annual report and gave feedback on an article I wrote. Our weekly sessions are informative and practical and helping me moving forward in my data and design journey!"

Mareli Claassens, PhD

Professor and Evaluator

"After I showed a few examples to a friend from my university who also runs a small consultancy that provides services mostly to government agencies he invited me to teach this to his staff (which I’ll get paid for).

I seriously didn’t expect that when I started learning how to make writing/data easier to read."

- Celestyna Galicki, PhD

Strategy and Insights Lead

What is included?

In short. Everything. This is an all-you-can-learn-program that includes tutorials, courses, live coaching, and more.

Ongoing Support

Action club includes weekly “Ask Me Anything” sessions with Chris & your peers. 

You can use these for feedback, accountability, encouragement, commiseration, etc. We take occasional breaks but you can expect at least 40 drop-in sessions a year (at least 10 each quarter).

I offer so many because you often don't know when you'll need help. But when you do, you know I'll be there for you.


24/7 Access to the DiY Data Design Vault.

This includes full access to my collection of:

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Bonus: You even get royalty-free access to my entire collection of freshspectrum comics.

Visit https://freshspectrum.com/vault to browse included resources.

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